Public-Private Partnerships: Addressing the Complete Spectrum of Civil and Infrastructure Projects
What We Do
Connecting Local Government with Private Sector Innovation
The P3 Institute acts to bring together local government officials and the private sector to discuss possible P3 projects across all asset classes.  Programs produced by The P3 Institute, such as our inaugural program in Miami-Dade, will afford government officials a platform to highlight both their current and future P3 programs and solicit input from the private sector.
Miami-Dade County Resources
  1. Aviation
    - Cargo Facilities Construction/Renovation/Expansion - Cargo facilities tailored for the Pharmaceutical Industry - Refrigerated Cargo Facilities for Import/Export of Perishables - Security Facilities related to Cargo Inspections - General Aviation Facilities Development - Maintenance Repair Facilities - Apron/Infrastructure Work related to Cargo Facilities
  2. Seaport (PortMiami)
    - PortMiami Master Plan - Liquid Natural Gas project - Southwest Sector Commercial Development Plan
  3. Parks & Recreation
    - Haulover Park (pier, restaurant and marina) - Miami-Dade County Regional Soccer Park - West Kendall District Park - Underline project - Amelia Earhart Park (Rec Center and Aquatic Center) - YMCA Fitness Centers
  4. Cultural Affairs
    - African Heritage Cultural Center - Miami Dade County Auditorium - South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center - History Miami - Concessions at Various Library locations - Little River Branch Library - Doral Branch Library - Killian Library Park
  5. Water & Sewer
    - South Miami Heights Water Treatment Plant - SDWWTP-Class AA Biosolids Processing Plant - Northwest Wellfield Water Treatment Plant – GWUDI - West District Wastewater Treatment Plant - General Maintenance and Office Facilities
  6. Corrections
    - Krome Detention Center - Training & Treatment Center - Federal Detention Center - Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center - Metro West Detention Center
  7. Transit
    - Beach Corridor - State Road 836 (East/West) - Northwest 27th Avenue - Douglas Road Extension to Miami Intermodal Center - Facilities Modernization
  8. Public Works
    - Venetian Causeway - Rickenbacker Causeway - Repair and/or Replacement of County maintained Sonovoid Bridges - New TSS Facility including new Traffic Control Center - Traffic Signal Support System Upgrades - Upgrade of County Traffic Signage
  9. Court Systems
    -Civil Courthouse -Criminal Courthouse -Related Courthouse Facilities
What is a P3?
P3 stands for “Public-Private-Partnership”, a performance-based, long-term approach for procuring public infrastructure projects, whereby the private sector assumes primary responsibility for financing, delivery, and ongoing performance of the asset.  While P3s can take various forms depending on extent of responsibility taken by private sector, DBF (Design-Build-Finance) and DBFOM (Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain) are most common. P3s provide many benefits to both the public and private sector, including (i) expedited execution, (ii) on-budget delivery, and (iii) efficient life cycle O&M. 
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